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Dear Yuletide Writer

Thanks for taking a look at this letter! I have a bunch of ideas here - I hope they help give some inspiration. Feel free to do something that doesn't stick to these ideas! I'm interested in a lot of things, and something you want to write is far more likely to be fun to read. As long as it doesn't hit any points on my DNW list, it's all good.

-- [ profile] Etnoe

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Let's get spooky. Or fluffy! Or both at once, that works too.

I hope some of the prompts here are inspiring. Take what works and discard what doesn't, and create what you're inspired to create. And for reference, on AO3 I'm [ profile] Etnoe.

If something isn't specified as a trick or a treat, feel free to interpret either way. And feel free to get creepy/gross/gory in tricks, at that, as long as my DNWs are avoided.

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There's a Bon Jovi concert on in Cape Town tonight, and judging by the state of the traffic in the city centre it's a lot more popular than the Lady Gaga concert which was held recently. This is so weird to me. Gaga just seems so much bigger! But I guess Bon Jovi has more cross-generation appeal, and current radio airplay isn't a patch from having been a band since the 80s.

(This is definitely not saying anything against Bon Jovi. My 13-year-old self is in fact indignant that I'm not at the concert, given the enormous crush I developed when the band had their late 90s-early 00s comeback, but she is being appeased by me playing their albums and hollering along. Livin' on a prayer, baby.)

Tomorrow there's a Justin Bieber concert. If I don't check in again, the tweens have devoured me.
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I've had my whole immediate family over for about a week and my life is not my own. It's been a few months since we were all together so we are catching up/hanging out aggressively, and in addition we're going out and meeting extended family. Everybody's pretty fun - the kids are cute and the adults still aren't used to me having opinions and not being 10, so I can say anything and it gets written off in a general haze of shock that they don't get to pinch my cheeks anymore.

So it's genuine awesome but I'm still looking forward to Sunday, when I will be freeeee. /sleeps
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So a little while I accidentally logged out of Dreamwidth as I was blearily scrolling and clicking around, I stared at the little log-in box, and I was too tired to log back in. A few days ago I did the same thing on Livejournal (it's a skill), but that time I managed to log back in! Today I returned to being a real person. It is good to have energy again.

Not that I have much to say. Um, I still like the Marvel Cinematic Universe too much? I watched the 2008 Hulk movie last month, and there is one scene so bad that I can still think of it and start laughing. But Hulk. And Bruce, and Betty, and Blonsky, and General Ross, and Samuel Sterns - I am legit hung up on each of the main characters. This is what comes of imprinting on the Hulk cartoon as a child.

Also I'm pretending to be in Star Trek fandom, as I'm unreasonably excited (you have no idea) about the next movie coming up. I vaguely expect an ancient force to rise from my computer howling "Dost ye mock the Olde Onne?!" On the other hand, if the Marvel comicsverse people have not yet managed to cast the movieverse noobs into the abyss, even the Trek fandom probably won't be too unwelcoming. I've managed to maintain enough affection to keep a Gaila icon (on this post, for reference) for the four years since the first movie came out; that has to count for something.

And now to try and catch up with my flists. C u soon. (soon might be a relative term, let's see how that pans out.)
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[ profile] shipswap letter placeholder

(Dear Author: I'll have a real letter up by the end of today, I swear! Sorry it's not done yet.)

Edit 21 April: or two weeks later, oh my God, I apologise hardcore.

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My dashboard currently has its fair share of the movie Les Misérables going around, and it is giving me such torn feelings. I ship Graintaire/Enjolras, because come on, it's so easy to, but I also loathe both characters. They are godawful annoying! (in the book. I haven't seen the movie. Yet?)

Now whenever they come up on my dash - e.g. like this (HA) (FACTS!), or like this (not fair) - I am torn between that 'yes, good, carry on' feeling of seeing a favourite pairing done right, and the 'argh shut up' that is my instinctive reaction to Graintaire or Enjolras. And I kind of want fic. Desiring the characters to shut up and go away while showing how they are 100% married would make for a difficult reading experience, and yet...!

In real and less ridiculous news, I heard on [ profile] fail_fandomanon that there is going to be Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell TV series. This link makes it look likely, and Wikipedia mentions it too. it will take forever before it's available on DVD here but when that time comes I'll likely engage it in holy matrimony, try and stop me. I keep thinking of characters and scenes - gentleman with the thistledown hair! Stephen Black! That scene where Childermass sees the road in the wilderness. the tower of night, Lost Hope, the King's Roads - and then glee. It seems like something that could work really well onscreen - a lot of relatively drab scenery and outfits, and then touches of magic sneaking in... GLEE, I TELL YOU.
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Apparently this extract from a My Little Pony comic, from the pre-Friendship is Magic incarnation of MLP, is the funniest thing I've seen all week. I've been laughing about the last panel for way too long. Spike! USE YOUR COMMON SENSE. And the story preceding it is weird, in that fridge horror kind of way that happens sometimes when you read kid stuff as an adult, but also just weird enough to be funny.
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If I do keep reading beyond this point, it will probably be out of some bizarre determination not to let the racist asshole control what I do, even if what I'm doing is reading said racist's work.

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I got nostalgic and went looking for KHR fic. You know what's hilarious? That I just found out there's more than one of them with "mafia AU" in the summary. Oh, KHR.

Less under the category of "nostalgia" and more "It's about time", I'm rereading Queen of Attolia. I must have been skimming furiously on the first go, because I completely forgot minor spoiler ). Best part. --Or okay, it's a strong contender for the top 5 best moments. Gen can be so damn endearing.


hello again

Jan. 7th, 2013 10:05 am
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I'm back from the family holidays, or as I like to call it, Fight Club.

On the bright side, my cousin has started a baking business and I had cake, or at the very least, biscuits, every day I was home. my eating habits haven't recovered yet. I had a vegetable like three nights ago and I'm still proud of that.

And the scorpions, frogs, and snakes (not dangerous ones) around the house have started coming back, which is cool because there haven't been any since I was like nine. Nature finds a way! There was also a bag of what we're assuming are baby tarantulas, which was the second grossest natural thing I've seen*, but in a cool and restrained way.

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(It was actually a nice holiday in ways that I deeply appreciate, and obviously not just because of the abovementioned. But dang, Fight Club.)

*If you are curious, ask yourself what you are willing to learn about ostriches.
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I feel like I ought to make a post about Katekyo Hitman Reborn ending though I haven't been properly in the fandom for some time, but on reading the last chapter spoiler cut. sort of. )
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Lately I keep having protracted nightmares about harm to animals, or my family fading out of my life or dying. It is exhausting on several levels, because even though the dreams aren't realistic the basic ideas in them are far too much so. I'd much rather have the run of nightmares with demon dogs and cannibals and vampires back. Or there was one about Xanxus from Katekyo Hitman Reborn and Queen Latifah as husband and wife, raising two Children of the Corn. That was disturbing while it was happening but completely hilarious afterwards, I think I woke up laughing. Why can't that one be reoccuring?

Although it does cheer me up to think about it, so there's that.